We are launched !

Welcome all ! We are launched as www.ChristianEministry.Com on 01/24/11 ….

Beginning last year at church of philadelphia dot net we have decided on a new domain name and location. Originally, all our Bible Studies began the week after the September 11 2001 Attacks at Prophet Of Jerusalem Bible studies at Yahoo Groups and in RSS as well. This was updated to “POJ Ministry” Bible studies which in turn is now being updated to our new domain name – ChristianEministry.Com .

Two other free forums were created in these past times with our Bible Studies posted as well affording member interaction in forums style. I am attempting to salvage the one website running for the past year now in a Mambo or Joomla style that I really love as a different type of navigtion and featured website than the traditional multi-page website. We will see how that goes. Unfortunately, other almost same name domains are somewhat trashed as far as our valid Christian common faith content. So, probably will just dump that name. We may add a .org site for the “echurch” to this domain. Visit often ! New podcasts and Studies are ensuing all the time. Preparation time neccessary !

God Bless All,

‘Webmaster’ now of our new domain, ChristianEministry.Com c-u-soon!


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