Archives: Podcasts list if you have missed us

Archives: Podcasts list if you have missed us


ChristianEministry.Com Podcasts
Podcasts and Music by eMinister of eChurchOfPhiladelphia.Org, Authorized King
James Holy Bible only, the English language dedicated translation commonly
accepted in the Faith as the Word of God. Webmaster ChristianEministry.Com.


Name ChurchCast_0002.mp3
Our second podcast, orientation and introduction to our eChurch and who is
eMinister – touching on the first Bible Studies posted.

Name ChurchCast_0004.mp3
ChurchCast_0004 (19.1M) is a re-orientation of our sites, new domains
added/changed. Our new eChurchOfPhiladelphia.Org and out reach
ChristianEministry.Com are set for the new year 2011. Touching on our namesake –
the Church Of Philadelphia in Book of Revelation.

Name ChurchCast_0005.mp3
Is God a Meany ? A read along with our recent blogpost. This concerns any
alienation from God caused by those that spurred hate speech laws as not the
representatives of Our lord and the Love of God for ALL. ChristianEministry.Com

Name JFK50YearJubile.mp3
JFK 50 Year Jubilee Project launched ! Last effort for Public Trial with the
Anniversary approaching 11/22/2013. There is a religious aspect.
ChristianEministry.Com Podcasts

Name PCSecurity – Cloud Computing Info
Introduction to our additional BlueCollarPC.US computing security website,
background, and the new Cloud Computing for the average user in antimalware
products now available – what are they ? ChristianEministry.Com Podcasts.

Name Linux_System_Great_Alternative.mp3
Linux Operating System, great alternative to Windows to use both or just Linux.
Install Linux on damaged PC or older unsupported system. Safe, secure, easy to
use for whole Family ! ChristianEministry.Com Podcasts

Name ChurchCast_0006
New Bible Study Being Prepared… ”God Fortells ‘ ‘In That Day…’ ” will be
the title of this next Bible study and a chat here about it.
ChristianEministry.Com Podcasts


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