Christian Economics – Emergency Bond Act Proposal, Economics Deficit Remedy

Economics Deficit Remedy – Emergency Bond Act Proposal
If not aware, there is Economics in the Holy Bible as even directives by God as laws, remedies, and measures for events. I will not belabor the subject save to say I am taught. I offer a prayer….. (King James Authorized Version Holy Bible, the “Common Faith”)
Book of Judges Chapter 5 Verse 9: “My heart is toward the governors of Israel, that offered themselves willingly among the people. Bless ye the LORD. ”
Emergency Bond Act Proposal….. Remedial Cure ?
Inspiration came in a dream last night and after seeing California Governor Brown mention budget deficits in “dead reckoning” and offered to consider any suggestion from the Free Press gathered et al on the television news conference.
This proposal – “Emergency Bonds Act” – is for a City, County, and even State as well as Nation to offer an Emergency Bond to finance real costs for real services and NOTHING superfluous. This is for concerns such as local Schools and Disability services, Police and Fire, etc. , being on the ‘chopping block’. Items a great society consider vital and necessary for the General Welfare, Protection, and Prosperity etc. of same, which successful yielding affluence as an Intercounty, Interstate, and International good neighbor.
Overview as approval for issue of any “Emergency Bond” should be required to be at State Legislature level as to exclusive, all City and County etc. proposals, with lawful power to reject any superfluous or otherwise proposed Emergency Bond, i.e. (in example) – rejected would be some new pool or auditorium construction add on financed by an “Emergency Bond” for a local school as opposed to an “Emergency Bond” being approved for necessary salaries and expenses to keep a school open. The “Emergency Bond” should simply be to meet shortfalls for real services and real costs as vital and necessary for City, County, State, and Nation. The National level of course via Congress and President of the United States.
Historically, American National Economics have shown the 20 and 50 year cycle. Approximately every 20 years there has been a Recession, and every 50 years a more severe recession towards Depression. This gives the general expectation in real time of the coming years of prosperity for payment of the “Emergency Bonds” approved in that age old ‘boom bust’ general cycle – yielding the confidence of reward via payment for the investment and ciphering the time limit attached.
Time Limit Attached…. can be variable according to the amount invested of an “Emergency Bond” and time to be paid by act of Law. This can be additionally variable as to an expected minimum amount of the “Emergency Bond” purchased in a variable set time limit even. An example can be for a billion dollar “Emergency Bond” to have the preset requisite of the minimum, say, four hundred million dollars in purchases for a, say, five year limit to be paid in full. The incentive may be twenty percent and even add  the average Statewide top percentage as paid to Savings Accounts or CDs etc. to be added to the twenty percent as possible if convenient.
This is easily achieved by four hundred individuals purchasing a million dollar “share” of the one billion dollar “Emergency Bond” issued. If the, say, four hundred million dollars prerequisite is not reached in some set time of offering, then the three or five year (whatever) limit for payment can be extended somewhat as necessary, say 6 or 8 years while waiting for the prerequisite achieved, being under the Law as time limit to collect the prerequisite in full and can simply be reset to a five year limit (or three, whatever equitable and feasible) when immediately the preset requisite is achieved. Of course reducing the Time Limit Attached can be even reduced according to the ability to pay to, say, three years if appropriate economically and so on. The idea is to keep the Time Limit Attached as variable to not force worst deficit naturally as protection of course.
Payment/Cost…. So, in short, as the “advertisement” – the million dollar Investor/Purchaser as example gets 1.2 Million Dollars (plus any additional incentive possible) within the Time Limit Attached – required to be paid in full by the Government – local, or State, even nationally. Plus, their gratuity being affluence as a Citizen financing the woes of City, County, State, Nation – being thankworthy. For each billion dollar “Emergency Bond” as example then, the burden is 200 Million dollars = twenty percent. Each billion dollar “Emergency Bond” received then costs 1.2 Billion dollars plus any additional appropriate, even necessary, additional incentive added, even from suggested per “advertisement” results as to attractive – what is and was not, such as an additional interest added as attractive being necessary for success of the particular “Emergency Bond”.  
Payment Translation…. Even for a large purchaser as of a million dollars and more, and being a property owner resident or otherwise such as business property, the equivalent payment can be a Property/Business Taxes exemption for the amount of payment under the Time Limit Attached, or even variable in possibilities there. In other words, as example, a million dollar purchaser has property with annual real estate taxes of 200 thousand dollars – the third or fifth year (whatever the Time Limit Attached) – then that year of payment simply they are tax exempted for the year. A possible instrument for successful “advertisement” for sale – the particulars of the profit incentive.
State Legislature Review…. The State Legislature easily can be set as the oversight to approve or even correct the proposal with the Option of Submission Re-approval by the issuer (city, county, state, etc.) for Re-submission and Approval then, whether from a city or county of the State etc. This is as a veto type process suggestion – i.e. (in example) a City proposes an “Emergency Bond” for Approval – and State Legislature revises/rewords with custom improvement, and then sends back to City for their Approval now to submit as revised for Approval, or issuer (City, County, State etc.) Rejection, to now create a new proposal or re-submit original to be accepted, as is, with their reasons attached.
For National consideration to pass into Law, this proposal as a national remedy – Three fourths of the States can submit this to Congress for two thirds vote Approval to become National Law for National “Emergency Bonds” Act.
Bottom line….. Recommended there should be NO refunding upon any purchaser wishing to withdraw purchase. If payment submitted is fraudelent in any manner etc. – by Law their property / assets should be seized as payment.   Again, generally these “Emergency Bonds” are protecting against imminent dangers to citizens at large in some manner and that gravity should be observed.
International proposal – “REVALUATION”
For the International Community, this same proposed possible remedy can be expanded to add “Revaluation”. This concerns national failures and loans and ratings etc. Physical assets of a nation can be reviewed as “Revaluation” to say, all currently idle business and government properties and assets can be given a new “Revaluation Appraisal” considering even international investment and ownership by sale or partner, as to the coming next economic upswing and expectation of prosperity years in the next economic era. As prospective, the actual real value is upbraided as to the future value and revenue projected rather than the existing “recession times” sale value as reduced from real value. This may reset economic considerations yielding an appropriate higher value as collateral rather then imminent failure for existing dim view as clouded by short term deficits accounted. “Some see it half full, some see it half empty”. This may even yield an attached garnishment by prospective investor, purchaser, or proposed partner of ownership as verity even of the “Revaluation Appraisal” – keeping the wolf at the door rather than at the dinner table.
NOTE: Nationally, this can be enacted as Law in lieu of increased taxation appropriately and commensurately according to income – private or business etc.

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