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We launched our ChristianPavilion.Mobi Social Network site


We launched our ChristianPavilion.Mobi Social Network site

We launched our ChristianPavilion.Mobi Social Network site

Start Page / Home: http://www.christianpavilion.mobi/news.php
Our site is the coming together of all Christian denominations under one Pavilion. Multi interactive social site.

My latest Journal Post as one of the Administrator….. 
I have left the Democratic Party until they are a Pro-Life party in these United States. If I die a Republican, it is there fault. I find their pro-choice defenses evil now, [Luke 22:31 “And the Lord said, Simon, Simon, behold, Satan hath desired to have you, that he may sift you as wheat”] – and see nothing in there future yet that will stop shredding European Socialism for legislative agendas in new elections. However, the best economic foundation will have been the one Hillary brought to the floor, others. And that is from the chant, “if they are too big to fail [go bankrupt causing further economic failures in US] then they are too big. “. The downsizing of the American corporation is visional from the onset of US Laws from the original Sherman Anti-Trust Act. What’s to consider is worldwide repurcusions. Interesting enough, President Trump proposes another avenue – down main street and take on these recession glooms in the Central Bank financing of America by other nations, notably China. STARTED NEW SPECIALIZED SOCIAL WEBSITE AS A PAVILION FOR CHRISTIAN CHURCHES TO GET TOGTHER AND PUT AWAY DOCTRINAL DIFFERENCES AS UNDER ONE GOD ONE PEOPLE ONE FLOCK ONE LORD OF ALL – ONE FAITH….. TAKE A LOOK IN AND FRONT PAGE IS OUR CHRISTIAN NEWS FEED. EVERYONE IS WELCOMED TO – BUT I AM AFRAID OUR SITE IS IN ITS INFANCY BUT LITERALLY GROWING DAILY….. ENJOY / JOIN…. http://www.christianpavilion.mobi/news.php


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Official Donation Sites to help with recovery efforts after Typhoon Haiyan

Official Donation Sites to help with recovery efforts after Typhoon Haiyan

Mashable have compiled a list of nine organizations to which you can contribute, below:

 The United Nations World Food Programme
 The WFP has set up an online donation page that will help rush food and resources to the regions affected.

 The Philippine Red Cross
 Donations will help mobilize teams on the ground with rescue and relief efforts.

 Donations will help children gain access to medical supplies and clean drinking water. “Safe drinking water can be impossible to find after such a massive natural disaster. And without it, a child will drink whatever water she can find, no matter how dirty or diseased. That drink can quickly lead to diarrhea, disease and death,” UNICEF president Caryl M. Stern said.

 World Vision
 World Vision is working to get food and resources to those in evacuation shelters.

Catholic Relief Services
 CRS is helping with the storm’s aftermath by getting supplies and staff into the area.

 Salvation Army
 Donate online for the Salvation Army’s relief efforts, or text TYPHOON to 80888 to immediately donate $10.

 Save the Children
 Donations will help children and families in the Philippines, Laos and Vietnam. Ten percent of every donation will go toward preparing for any future disasters in the area.

 Habitat for Humanity
 Donations will help create shelter-repair kits for families rebuilding their homes.

 The Canadian organization is working to get clean water to victims.

From Mashable

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